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This is the Cedar Hill Cemetary.

Cool picture huh? I took it with my cell phone. I am a believer!!! BUT... I think that "orb" is just the setting sun reflecting off...well whatever, I'm not technical so I don't know....but then again,you never know, maybe it is an actual "orb" or spirit? Who can say?

I grew up coming here, because, well it was the 1970's for one, and it was a "safe" place to let me and my cousins run around like the heathens we were (are). My Aunt would bring my cousins and I here for picnics and playtime, and so would my Mom. I have lived near this cemetary several times during my life, and I would like to be buried here!! Here are a couple of pictures of the Creepy Masoleum at Cedar Hill's about the only place in the whole graveyard that gives me the willies!

I know most of these pics are dark, but that's because I took them yesterday at sunset. (04-20-08) Plus they were taken with a cell phone as I mentioned. I'll add more pics later, I have a ton of them, and some really good ones of magnolia trees in bloom that I took yesterday but can't find..... go figure...

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Page created on April 21, 2008

Last updated on 4-21-2008